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Adolf Richheimer (1928 - 1942)

Adolf Richheimer (1928 - 1949)

Adolf Richheimer was the only son of Johanna Richheimer née Weil (1895 - 1942) and her husband Ferdinand Richheimer (1875 - 1942/45). He was born in Karlsruhe on December 12, 1928 in Karlsruhe.

Since the his Family left Karlsruhe already in 1933, Adolf never visited a school in Germany. On an erratic flight the family came via Spain to Paris. Here he and his mother were captivated in July 1942.

On August 3, 1942 he and his mother were deported in transport No 14 from Pithiviers to Auschwitz. According to the documents all children of this transport were separated from their parents and killed immediately by gas .

We have a more extensive text on the fate of the Richheimer Family.


There is an entry in the Memorial Book: No 949459

In the Central Database of the Shoah there is an entry under 548036 for Adolphe Richheimer

His mother Johanna née Weil is remembered on the Weil memorial plaque in the synagogue.


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Entry 3509 in the Memorial book for the Jews of Karlsruhe" (German)