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Information about Our Association

The association "Alte Synagoge e.V." was founded in 1992.

Chair person is Jutta Stier.



Postal address:
Verein Alte Synagoge Steinsfurt eV
c/o Jutta Stier
Kurpfalzstr. 131
D-74889 Sinsheim


The association "Alte Synagoge Steinsfurt e.V." is registered at the Amtsgericht Mannheim under VR 340 518.

We are a nonprofit organization. This has been confirmed by the Finanzamt Sinsheim under the date of November 11, 2022 (our control number is 44082/51046). So any donations are tax-deductible according to German law.

Please consider to support our work.

You might even want to become a member of our association.