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For the restauration and upkeep of the synagogue we need money. Therefore we are grateful for any donations.

If you want to support us there are different ways to transfer money to us.

You might be interested to see some alternatives and the information we got about them.

Using a Bank Transfer

Within SEPA (roughly Western Europe) a bank transfer from your account to ours is probably the best way to send your donation to us.

But even from states outside SEPA as e.g. USA you might consider to use it.

Information about Bank Transfer



We are a nonprofit organization. This has been confirmed by the Finanzamt Sinsheim on November 11, 2022 (the control number for this is 44082/51046). So any donations are tax-deductible according to German law.
Sadly we don't know whether this is of any use to you.

We will write out a receipt according to the regulations of German Tax Law in any case.
Please inform us if a different form of receipt or some additional paperwork is of any use to you. We will try and meet the requirements if that is possible for us.