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Donations using a check

You might want to use a check for your donation. This is connected with costs on our side which you might want to be aware of because they are deducted from your donation.


  • Please write for order „Verein Alte Synagoge Steinsfurt eV, Sinsheim” (payee).
  • For security reasons we would advise to use a check crossed with „Account Payee”.
  • Send the check to our chair person:

{snippet JuttaE}

(Alternatively you can send the check to the treasurer, Chris Flothow. You can get the address by email from money<at>


For checks there are deductions from our bank. These are taken from the amount that is actually transferred to our account.

  • Up to amounts equivalent to 250 € there is a fixed deduction of 6 €   
    • (i.e. 5 € for banking-fees plus 1 € courtage)
  • For amounts over 250 € the deductions are:
    • for banking-fees 12 €  (or 1.5 ‰ if that is higher, but with a max of 100 €)
    • as courtage 1 € (or 0.25 ‰ whichever is higher, again a max of 100 €)

These deductions can be even higher for „unusual currencies”.
(We don't know what these are but if you are in doubt contact us at . We will inquire at our bank whether your currency is deemed to be unusual)