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We remember people who were connected with the former synagogue in Steinsfurt.



The inhabitants of Steinsfurt always seemed at ease: “No Jewish person was deported from Steinsfurt".

But this is only part of the truth.

Even in Steinsfurt there was one immediate victim of the pogroms in November 1938.

We also remember the persons who lived in Steinsfurt and were deported and murdered from the place where they later stayed.


Bierig, Ida nee Weil   May 30, 1873 Steinsfurt   Edelfingen/ Buttenhausen   about 1942 Treblinka
Frank, Babette née Wertheimer   Jan 29, 1869 Bodersweier   Bodersweier   after 1942 Auschwitz
Freudenthaler, Hedwig nee Ottenheimer   Feb 19, 1893 Heinsheim   Heinsheim   after 1942 Auschwitz
Kaufmann, Sofie nee Weil   Jan 23, 1877 Steinsfurt   Cologne   May 1942 Chełmno extermination camp
Mai, Berta nee Reiss   May 9, 1868 Steinsfurt   Merchigen / Netherlands   Mar 1943 Sobibor
Maier, Irma née Weil   Oct 28, 1894 Steinsfurt   Pforzheim   1942/43 Auschwitz
Merklinger, Emanuel   Mar 30, 1880 Bodersweier   Bodersweier   probab. Aug 31, 1942 Auschwitz
Merklinger, Luise née Frank   Sep 24, 1877 Nonnenweier   Bodersweier   after 1942 Auschwitz
Richheimer, Johanna, née Weil   Sep 27, 1895 Steinsfurt   Paris   Sep 04, 1942 Auschwitz
Samuel Ida nee Weil   May 05, 1868 Steinsfurt   Freudenburg / Drancy    1942/43 Auschwitz
Ullmann, Bertha née Weil   Apr 09, 1863 Steinsfurt   Berlin   May 16, 1943 Terezin
Weil, Klara née Kern   Nov 10,1870 Wollenberg   Steinsfurt   Nov 15, 1938 Steinsfurt
Weil Lina   Sep 27, 1872 Steinsfurt   Ludwigshafen   missing Gurs