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Samuel, Ida née Weil (1868 - ca 1943)

Ida (Yocheved) Weil was born in Steinsfurt on May 5, 1868.

Headstone for Aron Weil and Bertha Edesheimer on the Waibstadt cemetryHer parents were the citizen and butcher Aron Weil (1832 - 1905) and his wife Bertha geb Edesheimer (1829 - 1912) . Aron Weil was chairman of the congregation when the synagogue was built and took part in the ceremonies of laying the foundations. The couple had 12 children: Else (*1858), Reka (*1860), Johanna (*1861), Leopold (*1863), Gustav (*1864), Samuel (*1866), Auguste (*1867), Ida, Emma (*1870), Ferdinand (*1871), Josef (*1873) und Rosalie (*1874).


Ida Weil-Samuel with her son Rabbi Julius Samuel - Freudenburg January 1930Ida Weil married the trader Samuel Samuel  from Freudenburg on February 7, 1898 . Samuel was a dealer for cattle, but later also traded skins, fat and oil. He was for many years the chairman of the Freudenburg Jewish community. The couple 7 children:

  • Frieda (*1899), her husband and her two sons were murdered Minsk in 1941
  • Auguste, (*1900) and her husband died in Paris in 1942
  • Ferdinand (*1901) survived the terror of the Nazis.  With the help of his brother Julius he got a post as cantor in Norway. After the WWII he emigrated from Sweden to the USA. 
  • Isaak Julius (*1902) became chief rabbi for Norway in Oslo. Although he was warned he wanted to stay with his community. He was captured in 1942 and brought to Auschwitz where he was murdered. His wife and children (together with Ferdinand and his family) managed to escape to Sweden with the help of the Norwegian resistance.
  • Arthur (*1905) emigrated to the Holy Land in 1937 and survived
  • Ludwig (*1908) survived in Stockholm
  • Bertha (*1914) was murdered in Auschwitz

After the death of her husband Ida Weil and her daughter Bertha went to live with her daughter Auguste in Esch (Luxemburg). From there they fled to Paris when the Germans occupied Luxemburg. Ida and her daughter Bertha were captured and deported from the  Drancy internment camp on November 11, 1942 with transport 45 to the extermination camp Auschwitz- Birkenau. Here they were murdered.



Memorial book of the Bundesarchiv, No 958349

Yad Vashem data base: 3844799 and 6865493

There are Stolpersteine in Freudenburg for all members of the family.


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Picture of Ida Samuel and her son courtesy her great grandson.