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Bertha Ullmann, née Weil

Bertha Ullmann was born in Steinsfurt on April 9, 1864 as the daughter of Lazarus Weil (1830 - 1906) and his wife Babette née Glück (1825 - 1887). Lazarus and Babette had 5 children: Leopold (*1859), Klara (*1861), Bertha, Ida (*1865) and Moses (*1867).

Bertha married the merchant Julius Ullmann in Malstatt-Burbach on November 17, 1885. Julius Ullmann was born in Monzingen on October 8, 1858 as son of the cigar-maker Aron Ullmann and his wife Sara née Mühlstein . The couple first lived in Malstatt-Burbach, later they moved to St. Johann (today both parts of Saarbrücken). They had four children: Max (*1886), Sally (*1888), Bianka (*1889) and Johanna (*1893).

When Julius died in Saarbrücken in 1930, Bertha moved to Berlin, where her children lived. But Max died in 1930, too. So Bertha lived with her daughter in law Elsa née Schmitt. She was deported from Berlin to the Theresienstadt concentration camp on November 20, 1942, where she died on May 16, 1943.

While son Sally and his wife Klara née Kauf emigrated to the USA, the daughters Bianka, now married Jauch, and Johanna, now married Kauf, were deported to the extermination camp Auschwitz and murdered.


There is an entry in the Memorial book for Bertha: 1173550

There are three entries in the Yad Vashem data base: 3863527, 4137679 and 4774348


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