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Lina Weil (*1872, ✡ca.1941)

Lina Weil was born on September 27, 1872 in Steinsfurt as a daughter of the trader Isaak Weil (1837 - 1879) and his wife Ester née Grombacher (1834 - 1893) . The couple had 8 children: Jette (*1865), Samuel (*1867), Pauline (*1869), Leopold (*1870), Lina, Julius (*1874) and Luise (*1876).

Lina was still a minor and lived in Steinsfurt when her mother died. She and her sister married Jette waived their part of the inheritance for the other 5 surviving siblings but no reasons are given.

Some knowledge about Lina's life comes from the Ludwigshafen addressbooks:

Her brother Leopold is listed with a glassware and toy shop in Rohrlachstraße 12 already in the first volume from 1901. In 1906 he has a shop for hats in Ludwigstraße. The first volume in which Lina herself ist listed is from 1909: now she has a china shop in Rohrlachstraße 12. The entries continue up to 1928. In 1929 her name is missing completely  – she is now 56. In 1930 she is listed as „jobless” and lives in Fabrikstraße 35. This continues up to 1939.
When she was deported from Ludwigshafen to the Gurs Internment camp on October 20, 1940 she is listed as one of the inhabitants of Bismarckstraße 15. So she had to move to one of the „Jews' houses” where the Nazis concentrated the Jews.

Lina Weil perished in the Gurs internment camp or another camp in that region aged ca. 69. There are no documents known concerning her death.


Entry in the Memorialbook of the Bundesarchive: 987300

Entry in the Yad Vashem data base: 11651677