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Günther Weinberg (1923 - 1945)

Günther Weinberg was born in Mannheim on January 22, 1923. He was the son of Bruno Weinberg (1888 - 1938) and his wife Else née Spieß (1891 - 1942/45). His parents had married on 2. 2. 22 in Hähnlein. They had two children: Günther and Rosa (*1926).
Both his parents were victims in the shoah and are remembered on the Weil memorial plaque in the synagogue. Rosa emigrated to Palestine.

Günther attended school in Mannheim. Through the many antisemitic laws of the Nazis there was no possibility to learn any trade. So he moved in 1940 to Skabi to become a gardner. From there he went to Polenzwerder near Eberswalde (Brandenburg) and on June 30, 1941 he moved to the Umschulungslager in Paderborn. This had started as a camp for the Hakhsharah, but at that time a labor camp under the regime of the Gestapo.

On March 2, 1943 he and all inhabitants were arrested in Paderborn and deported to the KZ Auschwitz. He was repeatedly severely punished and treated in the hospital in the KZ Monowitz (Auschwitz III).

On January 29, 1945 he was delivered to the KZ Mittelbau-Dora. On March 27, 1945 his name is on a list of the medical corps of this KZ with diagnosis AKS.  When the KZ was liberated by the American forces on April 11, 1945 there was no trace of him to be found.

Günther Weinberg is remembered on the Weil memorial plaque as victim in the shoah.


There is an entry for Günther Weinberg in the Memorial Book:  988349

There are three entries in the Yad Vashem data base: 1229131, 3867062 und 9269630



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