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Manfred Maier (1926 - 1942/45)

Manfred Maier

Manfred Maier was born in Königsbach on March 21, 1926 as son of Julius Maier (1896 - 1942/45) and his wife Irma Maier née Weil (1894 - 1942/45). He had one elder sister Ilsa (*1920).

He attended the Nordstadtschule in Pforzheim until the ban of state schools for Jews. Then he went to the ghetto school for Jews in the Osterfeld.

Although his relatives in the USA tried to provide passports for the family they were too late: on October 22, 1940 he and his family were seized and transported to Gurs in South-France. His family was transported on August 17, 1942 to the extermination camp in Auschwitz. He himself met this fate on September 16, 1942. Here they all were murdered.

They are remembered on the Weil memorial-plaque in the synagogue.


Stolperstein für Manfred Maier vor seiner ehemaligen SchuleThere are 2 „Stolpersteine” for Manfred Maier in Pforzheim: No 49 at the Nordstadtschule and No 67 in front of the former Ghetto-school in the Neßlerstraße. (GPS-Coordinates: 48° 53′ 36.75 N; 8° 41′ 14.4 E")

There is an entry in the Memorial Book for Manfred Maier: No 921815

There are several entries for Manfred in the Yad Vashem data base: 3874229, 9113942 and 3202227



The picture of the Stolperstein is from Wikimedia Commons by „Stolpersteineuploader” under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Picture Manfred Maier: Joachim Mehne, Königsbach