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Elsa Vogt, née Weil (1886 - 1972)

WWI-memorial in the synagogueThe WWI-Memorial in the synagogue names „Elsa Vogt, Philadelphia” as one of the sponsors of the plaque.

Elsa Vogt was born in Steinsfurt on July 30, 1886 as daughter of the trader Moritz Weil (1849 - 1923) and his wife Regina née Levy (1853 - 1928). The couple had married in 1883  and had seven children: Gerdraut (*1884), Karoline (*1885), ElsaJulius (1888 - 1915) who is remembered on the WWI-plaque, Jenny (*1889), Selma (*1893), and a still-born son in 1897 .

Emma Vogt with her granddaughter, 1952Elsa married Charles H Vogt in New York in 1916. Charles was born in Philadelphia in June 1886 as the son of the German born immigrant couple Friedrich G. Vogt  and his wife Sophia. Frederick, as he was called in the US, began to work as a butcher in Philadelphia, but soon expanded his business and the firm F.G. Vogts & Sons grew to be one of the largest in the US. In 1947 it was bought by the Oscar Mayer Company, that today belongs to the Kraft Food Group.

Charles, too, worked for the family firm in a leading position. Several patents for inventions connected with meat processing and sausage production were filed under his name.

The couple Charles and Elsa Vogt had two sons, Richard (1917 - 2007) and Edward (1918 - 1991). Charles died in Philadelpha in Jan 1963. Elsa died in Montgomery, MD in Dec 1972.

Elsa's parents are buried in the Waibstadt cemetery.Gravestone of Moritz and Regine Weil on the Waibstadt cemetery



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