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Julius Weil (1893 - 1918)

Julius Weil was born in Steinsfurt on May 28, 1893(!). His parents were the trader Sigmund Weil (*February 15, 1862, ✡November 21, 1925, both in Steinsfurt) and his wife Cerlina née Heidenheimer (*January 22, 1866 in Berlichingen, July 13, 1944 in New York). The parents had married in Heilbronn on February 12, 1889. They had 9 children who all were born in Steinsfurt: Berta (1890 - 1892), Frieda (1892 - 1997(!)), Julius, the twins Eugen Max and Martha (both 1895 - 1896), Sali (*, ✡1898), Hugo (1899 - 1970) and Selma (1904 - 1976).

Julius attended the Realschule in Sinsheim. He left after OIII with an intermediate degree.

Stelle auf der Ehrentafel für Julius WeilIn a list which was published on June 20, 1917 he is listed as wounded. He seems to have recovered because he went to the front again and was reported missing in action on October 5, 1918, only a few days before the end of WWI.

During the 3rd Reich his picture was removed and his name crossed out on the „Ehrentafel for Steinsfurt”, which is kept in the Verwaltungsstelle Steinsfurt.

He is remembered on the WWI-Memorial in the synagogue.


Standesregister Steinsfurt