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Samuel Weil (1859 – 1933)

Samuel Weil was born on May 9, 1859 in Steinsfurt as the son of the innkeeper Veis Weil (1821 - 1891) and his wife Elise née Weil (1822 - 1899).

On May 15, 1887 he married Berta Weil (1863 - 1928), a sister of Hermann Weil . The couple had 8 children: Getta (*1889), Flora Julie (*1890), Paula (*1892), Lily (*1893), Friedrich (*1895), Johanna (*1897), Alice (*1902) and Josef Sigmund (*1904) .

After his father's death in 1891 Samuel Weil took over his inn. He was supported in this by the Steinsfurt council because it was the only inn for Israelites in the village serving spirits.


In his later life he suffered from heavy diabetes. In his right foot a gangrene developped, so it was amputated. But then his left foot showed the disease, too. He died on January 3, 1933 Link ◊ and is buried at the side of his wife in the Waibstadt cemetery. The gravestone shows a shofar on his side as a sign for his function in the community.

Samuel Weil's name is on the WWI memory plaque in the synagogue. He was one of the sponsors because his son Friedrich was killed in action.



The picture of Samuel Weil with his grandchildren is from H.Appenzeller's collection.

GLA 377-4330, 490-15067

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