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Bank Transfer

By this we mean a way of directly transferring money from one account to another.

There are different names (Bank Transfer, Giro Transfer, Electronic Bill Payment ) and varying procedures for this in different countries.

Please ask your bank for the details and especially the costs on your side

In many cases this is the optimal way of send a donation to us.

Data which you need

Our data for this way of transferring money are:

IBAN: DE17 6729 2200 0030 1622 00

(Our bank is the Volksbank Kraichgau, Wiesloch-Sinsheim

Volksbank Kraichgau 

(BLZ 67292200)

Costs on our Side

Depending from where you send the money there might be fees to consider. Our bank might take money from the amount which you send for handling the transaction.

Transfers inside SEPA:

(SEPA consists of the 28 member states of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway San Marino and Switzerland)

For a bank transfer in EUROS from inside SEPA there are no charges from our bank.

This is why we recommend to use this way to send money inside SEPA.

Transfers from outside SEPA:

In this case our bank charges at the moment
- banking fees 1.5 ‰, but at least 10,00 € (and max 100,00 €)

for transfers where the currency given is not Euros there is an additional
- courtage 0.25 ‰, but at least 1 € (and max 100 €)

Taking the Costs

With international money transfer you get the possibility to take on the costs of the transfer by entering „own” in the appropriate field.

(If you don't fill in this field the default is „share”. This means that each party takes its own costs.)

We would be grateful if you could do that from outside SEPA. (The costs will be drawn from your donation anyway but in this case we get the amount you had intended, and we can write out a receipt for the intended amount)


There might be further niceties to be watched which we are not aware of, e.g. from some states there might be measures against money laundering in place. Please contact your own bank for this.