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Ruth Winick née Weil (1931 - 2010)

Ruth Weil in the first class of the Steinsfurt School, Year 1938Ruth Weil was the elder daughter of cattle dealer and farmer Karl Weil (1904 - 1966) and his wife Sophie née Eichtersheimer (1907 - 1971). She was born November 6, 1931 in Heidelberg, her younger sister Marianne was born 1933 in Mannheim .

Ruth was the last Jewish pupil that was enrolled in 1938 in the Steinsfurt school. (Our picture is taken from the class photo of that year).
But she had to leave the school before the school year was finished. For some time she travelled every day to Heidelberg to visit the Jewish school there.

Her father was seized during the so called „Reichskristallnacht” and transported to the KZ Dachau. After his release he prepared their emigration.  In 1940 the whole family were able to escape via Italy to the USA.

In 1996 she gave an interview for the USC Shoah Foundation Institute about her life in Steinsfurt.



The picture is taken from the collection of our member, the late Helmut Frank

Archive Stuttgart, EA 99-001, Bü 162, Questionnaires for the Family

Testimonies in the USC Shoah Foundationʹs Visual History Archive, Nr. 16288