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Aron bar Jitzchak (✡1777)

Aron was born in Weiler ca 1695 as the son of Isaak of Weiler.Grab von Aron bar Jitzchak, Waibstadt Nr 2547

He became „Schutzjude” and was granted permission to settle in Steinsfurt on January 21, 1722. He is in the Steinsfurt paying lists from 1722 to 1774. Most probably he was a dealer.

Probably Aron married after becoming Schutzjude. His wife was Sorle. We know of two children: son Feist became Schutzjude in 1748, so he was probably born in 1823. His daughter Schönle married Kusel Elkan. Kusel paid Schutzgeld in Steinsfurt from 1746, but became a teacher in 1750, so he did not not have to pay the extra taxes any longer.

Sorle died on June 18, 1745, Aron died on November 6,  1777. Both are buried in the Waibstadt cemetery.

Aron and his son Feist are ancestors of all people named Weil that lived in Steinsfurt.
The jewish genealogist Berthold Rosenthal (1875 – 1957) supposed, that Arons grat-grandsons chose the family-name Weil in memory of the fact that Aron came from Weiler.


Pictures from the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg: and
Berthold Rosenthal collection.