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Contract 1938

On October 25, 1938 Josef Weil representing the Jewish Congregation of Steinsfurt as seller and Karl Leonhardt as buyer signed a contract:

Ausschnitt aus dem Kaufvertrag vom 25. Oktober 1938


§ 1. The Israelitic community of Steinsfurt owns the following plots: ... a place with synagogue and bath house ...

Josef Weil as their representative sells these plots to Karl Leonhardt, merchant in Steinsfurt, for the price of 3,700.- RM

§ 2. The money is to be paid before December 31, 1938 to the israelitische Religionsgemeinschaft Badens e.V. represented by the Oberrat in Karlsruhe. With the payment there will be the conveyance. No interest is to be paid.

§ 3. Accessories are not sold.


There had been some issues that had to be dealt with before the signing could take place. These came from the situation of the congregation and the suppression through the Nazi administration.

On March 28, 1938 a law from Berlin had changed the status of all Jewish communities. Whereas they had been on equal status with Christian congregations they were classified as clubs valid from April 1, 1938.

These clubs were to be registered at the local Vereinsregister. But this had not happened for the Steinsfurt congregation. So there was no legally binding statement who could represent the community when selling their property.

The Oberrat der Israeliten in Karlsruhe, the highest representation of the Jews in Baden delt with these questions in a letter on September 7, 1938:


Up to March 31, 1938 the isr. community of Steinsfurt was a corporation of public law and was represented by their synagogenrat.

In 1930 the constitutional framework for the Israelitic congregations in Baden was published. Following this the rights of the synagogenrat had been transferred to a single person. i.e. Josef Weil. Thus he alone was entitled to represent the congretation in legal matters.

Following the law from March 28, 1938 concerning Jewish cultural communities the Jewish congregaton of Steinsfurt has got the status of a club under private law. This change was effected by law. So the registration was not necessary.


Grundbuchamt Sinsheim, Auxiliary papers for the property of the synagogue