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Planning the Synagogue

Grundriss der Synagoge

The plans for the synagogue were drawn by the young architect Wilhelm Dick (1874 - 1904) from Hoffenheim.

The planning applicaton was submitted to the Bezirksamt Sinsheim on Juli 19, 1892. Wilhelm was still under age so he could not sign on the planning application.

Wilhelm's father Anton Dick (1840 - 1900) was  „Bezirksbaukontrolleur” at that time.  On September 22, 1882 he wrote the review for the regional buildung authority. In this he voted in favour of the plans but suggested some alterations which were used in the planning permission. This was granted on October 5, 1892 by the „Großherzogliches Bezirksamt Sinsheim”.

On August 10, 1893 construction started.



Planning consent from 1892: Town archive Sinsheim, "Steinsfurt", A 33

Planning application from 1892 (with plans) in: GLA Karlsruhe, 377 No 8248

The Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe has kindly permitted the use of the plans  (24.04.2014)