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The Dick Family, Architects

Wilhelm Dick|alias: Wilhelm

Wilhelm Dick (1874 - 1904)

Wilhelm DickWilhelm Friedrich Dick (*August 26, 1874 in Hoffenheim, + May 19 1904 in Sinsheim) was the architect who drew up the plans for the synagogue. Considering his age we can assume that this was one of his first buildings. He followed the pattern that was common for small rural synagogues at that time. He uses round-arched windows in a moderate „Historistic style”.

In 1892 he was still under age, so he did not sign on the planning application. When the authorities asked who would be the responsible supervisor on the building site the answer was: this would be provided by „the building firm Dick in Hoffenheim”.


On July 11, 1901 Wilhelm married Sophie Hilspach (1880 - 1961), the daughter of the brewery owner Karl Heinrich Hilspach from Sinsheim and his wife Katharina Groß. The couple moved to the „Villa Sophia” in Sinsheim that Wilhelm Dick and his brother Anton built in 1900/01.

When Wilhelm died on May 29, 1904, his brother not only carried on the architect business, but he married the widow Sophia in 1907. The new couple had two children, Martha (*1909) and Wilhelm Friedrich (*1911).



The application for building consent from 1892 is in the GLA Karlsruhe, 377 No 8248

The building consent from 1892: Townarchive Sinsheim, Steinsfurt, A 33, No 18070

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The pictures are from members of the Dick family. We have got the kind permission to use them here.