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Remembrance and Reminder – a Memorial Book

The Jewish children of Steinsfurt in the 3rd Reich should never be forgotten.

For this reason a comprehensive memorial has been compiled and solemnly presented to the public by Jutta Stier and Dr. Christhard Flothow. This memorial book is now to be seen in the synagogue of Steinsfurt.

Here you can find recollections of the Jewish children that used to live in Steinsfurt.

Students of the denkmal aktiv AG of the Wilhelmi Gymnasium then presented some of the children.

The association Alte Synagoge Steinsfurt had done a thorough research. Many pictures had been found, too. A look at this book and to delve into their history is really worth wile. You are allowed to leaf through this book as it has been made for eternity.

A visit can be arranged by email to synagog<at> The visit is worthwile.

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