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Former Synagogue in Dühren  (August)


Kalenderrückseite August: Synagoge Dühren

The former synagogue in Dühren is in „Gässel“ right in the center of Dühren. Gässel in former times was also known as „Judenwinkel“ (Jews' Quarter). Built in the traditional black-and-white style it is probably the only existant „Scheunensynagoge” (Barn-Synagogue) in the region today. Sadly it is very run down.

Already in the 18th century the Dühren synagogue had been very dilapidated but it was rebuilt 1828 – 1830.

In 1825 there were 36 Jews in Dühren. During the next decade numbers went up to about 50 persons. When around 1875 the number of members of the Jewish community decreased it was decided that the synagogue should be relinquished. So on November 12th in 1877 the building was sold in a public auction and used as a barn from then on. That's why it was not demolished in the November pogroms in 1938. Today it is a listed building.

 Addendum 2015

The former synagogue of Dühren has been demolished in 2015. The parts have been stored so that they can be used as decoration for the investment property that is to be built at the place.

The trend continues: in our region more synagogues have been demolished after WWII for economic reasons that during the Nazi regime for ideological reasons.