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The Inauguration in „Der Landbote

On Tuesday, July 17th, 1894,  „Der Landbote”, a paper for Sinsheim and its surroundings, wrote on the celebrations:

Beschreibung der Einweihungsfeierlichkeiten

Sinsheim, June 16th:

Friday, July 13th, was a beautiful, festive and significant day for the Israelitic community in Steinsfurth. On this day the new Synagogue was solemny inaugurated and put under the blessings of God. The well formed work stands and praises its creator. The useful equipment of its interior, the well ordered rooms, the magnificent lighting, but especially the magnificent curtain that was given by the Frauenverein – all these found high praise in the eyes of each of the participants. For the inauguration itself, Herr District Rabbi Dr. Sondheimer had been invited, who is well known as an excellent speaker. Everything went according to plan. The Thora scrolls were carried in an imposing procession from the old synagogue to the new one. Accompanied

Fortsetzung des Textes aus dem Landboten

by sounds of solemn music it moved through the festively decorated streets of the friendly village. Both clergymen and the mayor with the council and the teachers took part in the procession: a very beautiful picture of the tolerance that is to be found there! When the procession stopped in front of the new temple a pupil recited a suitable poem that had been created by the local teacher. And the rabbi was presented with the key. But the interior of the place of worship was by far too small to hold the very large number of participants. Absolute silence accompanied the excellent sermon of the rabbi, it was the highlight of the whole ceremony. But the choir of the synagogue, trained by the teachers Burkart and Hanauer was completely up to its task, too.

After the end of the service the congregation left the house of God in an orderly manner. The participants went to prearranged localities to enjoy their meals and drinks. A pleasant dance ended this wonderful festive day.


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