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First Steps to Restoring the Synagogue, 2008/2009 (- 2012)

During this first phase of the restauration the synagogue had to be secured from outside effects.

The huge cracks in the outer wall were closed. By close inspections it was found out that the building had shown no movement since a securing wall had been built against the Goldbach. So the cracks were simply bricked up. The situation is still monitored.

Then the woodwork of the roof were repaired and the building was reroofed. The original intention had been to use as many of the original tiles as possible. But they were in such a bad state and the reproducing of that type proved to be too expensive. So new tiles in very much in the old style.

The next step was to restore or repair the windows. After this, the synagogue was secure against storms and rain.

Finally the original door was restored and put back into its place.

A last step was to secure the mural paintings in the synagogue. This is a work stiill in progress.

Some impressions of that work