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Jews in Rohrbach

At different times the Jewish population of Steinsfurt and of Rohrbach had to work together so that life in the community worked. Not always there were synagogues or a school or a mikveh in both places.

Sometimes the minyan was only reached by men from both villages.

In a survey from 1803 it says that there are four Jewish families „…welche nach Rohrbach in die Schule gehen, weil hier keine Synagoge ist" [“... who go to the synagogue in Rohrbach because no synagogue is here”].

When in 1823 a synagogue with a mikveh was planned in Rohrbach it was decreed that the women of Steinsfurt should use it as well.

On the other hand the rest of the israelitic population from Rohrbach went to the Steinsfurt synagogue after the dissolution in 1905 of the Jewish congregation in Rohrbach.

For this reason we are going to collect facts on the Jews in Rohrbach as well.

At the moment we use an article by Emil Schumacher as a summary: Die Jüdische Gemeinde Rohrbach