Events in 2016

March 20

We invited the members of our association and all person who are interested in our work to a meeting with „coffee and cakes”. It took place in the synagogue on Sunday, March 20, at 4 pm.

April 15

The association Jüdisches Leben Kraichgau e.V. had her „External Get-together” on April 15, 2016 in the Steinsfurt Synagogue.

June 2

The members' meeting 2016 took place in the synagogue on June 2. The

June 5

Am Sonntag, den 6. Juni, konnten wir Rabbi Jona Kawelczyk-Kissin, the town-rabbi of Heiderberg visited the synagogue on Sunday June 6. He supervised the correct placing of the mesusa that were given us as a present by Prof. Carlos Weil, Argentina.

June 11/12

The village fête in Steinsfurt took place during the weekend June 11th/12th. Since the hall of the Verwaltungsstelle was not available the planned exhibition will be shown in September.

Sept 11

On Sunday, September 11th, was „European Heritage Day”.

The synagogue was open and our Exhibition was to be seen.

Sept 25

On September 25, 2016 at 4 pm we have presented the Memorial Book.

Missing pages will be added over time.

The book will be on display in the synagogue from this day on.


from September

We show an exhibition with the title „Jewish children from Steinsfurt in the 3rd Reich”.