We collect personal and other information of persons connected with Jewish life in Steinsfurt.

Even by numbers the family Weil was the most important one in Steinsfurt.

The Israelitic community in Steinsfurt was established probably shortly after the beginning of the 19th century. Its status was changed into that of a society by a law from Berlin on April 1, 1938.

We try to collect and publish the memory of Jewish inhabitants and their life in the community of Steinsfurt.

In addition we think of Jews in Sinsheim and in the surrounding area.

At different times the Jewish population of Steinsfurt and of Rohrbach had to work together to make life in the community work. Not always there were synagogues or a mikveh in both places. Sometimes the minyan was only reached by men from both villages. For this reason we have collected some facts on the Jews in Rohrbach.

The 1572 statistics mention one Jewish family for Steinsfurt but there are none in the list of 1659.

The last Jews left Steinsfurt in 1940. When the Jewish population of Baden was deported to Gurs in November 1940 no person in Steinsfurt was concerned.

The first Jewish person recorded in the Kraichgau was an inhabitant of Bruchsal in 1288. In the 14th century there were more Jews mentioned in the Kraichgau  – eg. in Bretten, Sinsheim, Waibstadt, Neckarbischofsheim, Wiesloch and Eppingen.

Around 1390 all Jews were expelled from the Kurpfalz.

The Jewish population was regularly counted since they had to pay lots of special taxes. Here some results

We use an article by Emil Schumacher, a local historian from Rohrbach, as a survey.

The life for the Jewish minority was not always without troubles as an episode in December 1924 shows when they became victims of an attack that was more serious that a hoax.

Bild der Gedenktafel in der SynagogeIn the synagogue there is a memory plaque for the victims of WWI from the Jewish community in Steinsfurt.

The killed Julius Weil and Fritz Weil, the missing Julius Weil and the wounded Ludwig Freudenthaler are listed.